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When his grandmother moves into an old people’s home, the Belgian artist Gert Robijns returns to his native village. He buys her house and creates a masterpiece: Reset Home.

The Sun of Ponta Negra

Against the backdrop of Ponta Negra, an impoverished neighbourhood in the north of Brazil, a Dutch/Brazilian family deals with loss, each in their own way.

Deer Ones

Deer Ones is a documentary in the making, following the inspiring thread of a deer in Amsterdam and in the Mexican Sierra Madre. 

Fracture by Syowia Kyambi

Performance art to me is something as confusing as it is fascinating. To capture the work on film is challenging, you’ve got only one shot to do it right. Knowing and understanding the artist’s story and personality is key.


In the summer of 2017, I have been filming in the streets of Edinburgh during the Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival. Being selected at this prestigious event is only the start of a dream. For many young performers reality soon kicks in when facing the competition. With almost 3,500 different acts every single day for a whole month, this can be quite challenging.


Urban Africans

Urban Africans collects real stories about real people. You’ll catch a glimpse of the diversity of everyday city life through the eyes of artists on the African continent.